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The hotel restaurant has a tasteful marine style interior, friendly service and fine cuisine.
Local chefs are delighted to make Polish and international dishes for their guests. All dishes are prepared on a regular basis; only fresh ingredients are used. Check out our menu.

Hot appetizers

Liver with cream and mushroom sauce
20 zł

Pork tenderloin served on toast with wild mushroom sauce
25 zł

Spicy hot prawns with ginger and garlic
35 zł

Cold appetizers

Herring in oil with cranberries and walnuts
15 zł

Beef tenderloin tartare
26 zł

Beef sirloin Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese
33 zł

Soups and cream soups

Chicken noodle
8 zł

Saffron soup with chicken bits
10 zł

Beef tripe soup
11 zł

Goulash soup
12 zł


Salad mix with vegetables, feta cheese and olives 350g PLN 22 Salad mix with grilled chicken 350g PLN 25 Salad mix with tuna 350 g PLN 28


Poultry fillet with boletus sauce, baked potatoes, boiled broccoli
33 zł

Breaded chicken breast, fries and assorted raw vegetable salads
29 zł

Baked pasta with chicken and boletus sauce or spinach sauce
26 zł


Breaded pork chop, potatoes with butter, fried beetroot salad
22 zł

Juicy pork tenderloin baked with mozzarella cheese, baked potatoes and assorted raw vegetable salads
38 zł

Pierogi with meat
20 zł

Meat trio with grilled pepper and zucchini, gorgonzola sauce and boiled potatoes
40 zł

Beef roulade, yeast dumplings and fried beetroot salad
36 zł

Beef tenderloin steak with black pepper sauce, potato croquettes, assorted salads
66 zł

Meat / Vegetarian courses

Camembert cheese served over rocket with cocktail tomatoes and vinaigrette sauce
22 zł

Baked pasta with boletus sauce 
22 zł

Dumplings with onion
16 zł


Trout with garlic butter and boiled potatoes
46 zł

Sautéed sander, baked potatoes, rocket and cherry tomatoes
46 zł

Norwegian salmon, boiled rice and boiled vegetables with butter
55 zł


Apple pie with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream
16 zł

Ice-cream with hot raspberry sauce
16 zł

Meringue dessert with mascarpone cheese and cherries
15 zł

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